Services for Attorneys and Firms

Consultations on the Immigration Consequences of Criminal Pleas

Criminal defense attorneys have a duty to advise their clients about the immigration consequences of pleading guilty to any offense under Padilla v. Kentucky.  However, immigration regulations are complicated and ever-changing.  The Law Office of Mary K. Neal can advise you on the likely consequences to your non-citizen clients of any potential plea.  Consultations are only available for Illinois cases, and require review of client's criminal record and immigration history.

Advice on the Impact of Immigration Status on Legal Rights

Your client's right to work, study, travel, and receive government benefits are all dependent on his or her immigration status.  Life changes such as divorce or death of a spouse can alter a non-citizen's rights.  Special care should be taken to protect the rights of non-citizens in family law proceedings, probate documents, and business contracts.  The Law Office of Mary K. Neal can advise you on the impact of your client's immigration status on legal rights.  Advice is limited to proceedings under Illinois or Federal law.

Local Counsel

The Law Office of Mary K. Neal can provide limited services in Chicago and Northern Cook County, such as court coverage and document retrieval for out-of-town law firms.

Translation of Foreign Documents

The Law Office of Mary K. Neal can provide translation of legal documents from Spanish, Russian, or German into English.  Standard one-page documents such as birth and marriage certificates are $50.  Fees for other papers depend on length and complexity.  Same-day service is extra.