The U.S. immigration system is a confusing maze of opportunities and restrictions. Politics and economics are the driving forces behind rules and regulations which make immigration one of the most complex, and oftentimes controversial, areas of law. Immigration law defines the processes for how foreigners may come into the country, become lawful residents, and obtain full citizenship rights. Statutes and regulations limit which people may enter, how long they may stay, and when they must be removed or deported.

The Law Office of Mary K Neal can help you navigate the system by performing the following services:

Services for Individuals

Eligibility Screening

Most visas and petitions have complicated and strict eligibility requirements.  Applying for a visa or benefit for which you are not eligible is a waste of time and money at best.  At worst, applying for any immigration benefit when you are inadmissible or deportable could lead to detention, deportation, or a bar from entering the United States.

Informed Analysis of Options

Perhaps you are eligible for more than one sort of visa, or more than one route to obtaining permanent residency.  The Law Office of Mary K. Neal can assist you in determining which option will best meet your present and future goals.

Professional Preparation of Applications and Petitions

Once you have decided on the right visa or petition process for your personal situation, the Law Office of Mary K. Neal will work with you to prepare all required documents and evidence in a professional manner, presenting your case in the best light.

Preparation for and Representation at USCIS Interviews

To obtain your "green card" and other immigration benefits, you must attend an interview at USCIS.  The Law Office of Mary K. Neal can help you prepare for this interview and also represent you at the interview.

Removal Defense

If you have received a "Notice to Appear" for Immigration Court, the Law Office of Mary K. Neal can advise you on possible options for avoiding removal (deportation) and can represent you at Immigration Court.

Fees for Common Immigration Cases

Fees for each case will vary based on many factors, including the number of people applying for a benefits, the number of sponsors involved, and whether there are complications such as divorce, name change, or criminal records which must be addressed.  

For most applications and petitions, the Law Office of Mary K. Neal will negotiate a flat-fee agreement and payment schedule at the beginning of the case.  For cases in court, however, you will be billed at an hourly rate. Here is a list of approximate fees