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Yesterday, November 20, 2014 was a huge day in the immigration arena, a festive Thanksgiving buffet of options for a range of potential immigrants.  First, President Obama without much fanfare designated Temporary Protected Status for up to 18 months for nationals of the nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia which are struggling with an epidemic of Ebola.  Then in a highly publicized, televised event, the president announced that he is once again taking executive action which will lift...

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Visas for Entrepreneurs?

From Robert Morris to Levi Strauss to Sergey Brin, immigrants have built the businesses which built our nation from colonial times to the current day.  The immigrant shopkeeper and restaurant owner are stock characters in American movies, literature, and TV.  Here in Chicago, more than 27% of all businesses are owned by immigrants, according to statistics from the American Immigration Council, with immigrants going into business at a higher rate than those of us born i...
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