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Time for Change


The immigration laws are truly "writ in water."  Our Constitution makes only the barest mention of immigration, Article I gives Congress the power "To establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization" and "to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations."  In essence, our Constitution says that who can enter our country and who can become a citizen is entirely up to Congress.

How Congress has chosen to regulate has varied from letting in everyone with no restrictions (1776-1875), to excluding certain nationalities altogether and setting quotas on others (1882-1965), to promulgating a litany of misdeeds which will bar any person from entering for many years or forever (1996-present).

Now, with politicians and pundits both left and right calling for change to a system that is ill-serving thelabor needs of our employers, separating children from their parents, and leaving far too many productive would-be citizens with no path to legal residence, Congress seems poised to re-write the immigration code for our new century.

Now is the time to visit, call, or write to your elected officials, and let them know how the immigration laws are affecting you, your family, and your business.  Let your Senators and Representatives know what changes you believe are most important.  Congress has the power to change the laws, but we the people need to act to get the changes we need. 

Not sure who represents you in Congress?  Check and to find out.


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