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Update on TPS for Ukraine, Still no Designation


As media reports show fighting in Slovyansk, Donestsk, and even Odessa, Ukrainian citizens in the United States fear for their friends and family, and for their own safety should they need to return.  Many are anxiously hoping that the United States government will declare Temporary Protected Status for their nation.  Unfortunately, while the civil unrest in Ukraine has grown, the U.S. government position regarding the Status of Ukrainians in our country has not changed since my blog post of last month**Updated February 17, 2015, still no TPS for Ukraine**

Even though there is no TPS designation yet for Ukraine, some attorneys (and most certainly some non-attorneys) are offering TPS-related service to Ukrainians in anticipation of a future designation.  Below is my response to an inquiry about such services today:

Temporary Protected Status is available only for citizens of the few countries for which the U.S. government has designated.  As of today (May 7th) the government has not declared TPS for Ukraine.  It is possible that some attorneys are offering to prepare TPS applications now, however no TPS application may be filed for Ukrainians at this time.  Any application prepared at this time would need to be held in a drawer awaiting the date that the President may decide to declare TPS.  While it is possible that preparing an application early may give a Ukrainian citizen a headstart as far as being ready to submit if TPS is declared, there is also the possibility that the President will not ever declare TPS for the Ukraine and the application may never be used. 

The situation in Ukraine is indeed getting worse day by day, according to new reports.  You certainly should try to stay informed about the possibility of TPS.  Personally, I hope that our government will grant some status to people from Ukraine.  However,  the designation of TPS is a very political decision.  To give some historical perspective, the civil war in Syria had been ongoing for about one year before the U.S. government granted TPS.  Many other countries which have sufffered civil strife such as Libya, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Venezuela, Kyrgyzstan, and others have not ever received TPS. 

If you would like an assessment of your current immigration options, please e-mail to schedule an appointment, or use the appointment request form below:

For a further explanation of the requirements for TPS, please see this blog post which explains how TPS works and how it differs from Asylum:


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